X-Men – My Favourite Superheroes

Image source: marvel.com

My favourite group of superheroes is THE X-MEN. X-Men are not really superheroes. They are mutants. The first x-man I got to know about was Wolverine. Later, I discovered characters like Cyclops, Storm and Colossus

The powers of mutants like Nightcrawler and Azazel amaze me. They are able to teleport, hypnotize and heal. They have spiky tails like spears, night vision and much, much more.

Iceman is another favourite. He can create an ice wall with just one touch! In X2, for example, when Wolverine is talking to Stryker in Xavier mansion, Iceman creates the ice wall to help him escape. Although Wolverine does not need to escape, since he has his adamantium so he’ll survive anything.

My favourite dialogue is also Wolverine’s, from the movie “The Last Stand” when he is facing a pawn that’s part of the brotherhood. He punches him with his nails. It cuts his hand off and it grows back. 

The same thing happens to the next hand, and on the next punch he gets hit and takes a break when the other guy says “Come on, fight!“, to which, Wolverine kicks him in the pistachios and says “Grow those back!” 😀

Among the villains my favourites are Riptide, Shaw and Azazel. I’ve already told you about Azazel’s powers above. if you want to know more please leave a comment.

Image source: marvel.com
Image source: marvel.com
Image source: marvel.com

So why don’t I tell you about Riptide? He can create tornadoes with the movement of his fingers: a smaller tornado, when he rubs his fingers and twirls them, and a huge one when he spins them simultaneously!

Shaw (Shmidt) is the leader of the group Azazel and Riptide work in. Shaw can take in any source of energy, but that is the boring part. The cool part is what he can do with it. He can kill some one by just touching them!!!

Now I have a question for you: What do you think the world would be like if there were mutants living among us?

8 thoughts on “X-Men – My Favourite Superheroes

  1. Umm, even more violent than it is now? 😉 Can’t really say I love your mutants, but I do love your idea for the blog. Way to go Ishan!


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