Deadpool’s Story

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Almost nothing is known about the early life of a man called Deadpool. Not even his full name. Although he believes his name to be “Wade Wilson”, taken from a man he killed.

His actual name is Jack. His father supposedly abandoned his mother who in turn abused Deadpool as a child. Deadpool claims his mother died when he was five and his father got shot by one of Deadpools friends. This explains his brutal character.

Image source: Reddit
Image source: Reddit

Here is a little story about how Deadpool came to be known as Wade Wilson. So Deadpool worked in the military service and got discharged for good behavior. Then he started taking on assassination jobs which caused him to change his appearance through plastic surgery and technology. One such attempt at plastic surgery went terribly wrong and his face turned out like the picture below .

He then went to a young couple who nursed him back to health. Their names were, Wade and Mercedes Wilson. Seeking to take over Wades identity Deadpool kills him and accidentally kills Mercedes as well. Deadpool loses his mind after murdering an innocent woman. Deadpool is convinced that he is Mercedes’ husband, Wade Wilson. Using that name he continues his mercenary activities, unaware that the real Wade was alive coming to take his revenge.

This is why Deadpool is the way he is.

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