How To Conduct A Grand Asgardian Funeral

Sorry I have been away for a while, got busy with other things.

Today I wanted to tell you a little bit about Asgardian customs. Those of you who have watched the movie Thor know that he is an IMMORTAL Asgardian, but most others in Asgard can die. Only the royal family and their friends  get the grand Asgardian funeral and the ceremony is quite fascinating. It is conducted by their king Odin who is also Thor’s father. Here’s how they do it….

What happens when an Asgardian dies?

  • The body is placed in a wooden casket at the top of a high waterfall. The hands of the person inside the casket should be placed over a sword and the body is decorated with beautiful flowers .
  • The people holding the casket let go of it
  • .Just before it reaches the end of the waterfall, Odin hits his staff twice on the ground which makes the casket fly and not fall into the water. The archers then shoot an arrow of fire on the body. After which Odin hits his staff again and the body falls.

If I ever have a funeral, this is how I’d like it to be. Unfortunately Odin doesn’t live on earth but if he did, that would have been great:).

4 thoughts on “How To Conduct A Grand Asgardian Funeral

  1. How very macabre Ishan 😁….Im sure the Asgardians have some happy ceremonies, or celebrations. Can we hear about those please ?


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