The Story Of The Powers Of Luke Cage

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Carl Lucas aka Power Man was a man who was sent to jail for a crime  he did not commit.

He was so desperate to be free that even if he had to break out of jail he would’ve done it. One day another prisoner whose name I don’t know ( lets call him X) came to his cell and told him that he and a few of his friends had a plan to break out of jail. Impatiently Luke said yes and asked the prisoner where and when he should meet him. Prisoner X gave him the details and left.

On the day, Luke met prisoner X at the place that he was supposed to. He was just in time. They were going to conduct an experiment to exit jail!  Once Luke was convinced that the experiment would work, he joined in.

The experiment blew up the cell. Everyone inside was wounded. The cops came to see who had blown up the cell. They came in with guns pointed at the direction of the cell. The prisoners had all run away through the opening in the wall, made by the blast.

They kept running, trying to find an exit, until they came to a dead end. There was a locked metal door in front of them. All the prisoners were wondering what to do next. They were worried that the cops would catch up with them.

Luke knew that time was running out and he courageously went and punched the door and it shattered to pieces. The prisoners were free at last. Luke’s idea hadn’t been to free so many prisoners who may have deserved to be in jail. He just wanted to get out of an unfair situation.

The best part is that he got his super powers from the experiment/blast that helped him escape. He later took on the name Luke Cage and became a hero-for-hire using his powers to help people fight injustice.

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