How To Buy The Perfect Cricket Bat

A bat is to a cricketer what a pen is to a writer.

From the strangely pleasant smell of bat oil to the loud, irregular knocking of the bats, going to buy a new bat feels like a dream. You do not want to accompany a cricketer when they go to a cricket store because you may well be there for an entire day.

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I remember reading in Harry Potter that the wand chooses the wizard. Similarly, different players have different preferences and it will take a lot of experimentation to find the perfect bat for you. It isn’t like an instrument where you go in wanting a specific brand or model, because you wouldn’t know what is right for you until you’ve tried it first.

What should you look for when buying a bat?

  1. Budget, Willow Grade
  2. Pickup
  3. Size

First off, you have to keep your budget in mind. There’s no point in spending time trying out bats and realising the one that you selected is too expensive. The grade of the willow is proportional to the cost of the bat.

There are four grades of English willow: four being the lowest quality and one being the highest. While the grade of the willow is important, it should not impact your decision, naturally the grade one bats will feel the best but they will also cost far more than the others.

The pickup of a bat is the most important factor to be considered. It is the way the bat feels in your hands. If you think it’s perfectly balanced then it’s the right bat for you. Some bats are bottom-heavy, they are preferred by power hitters but they are not recommended, especially for kids learning to play the sport.

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How do you pick the right size cricket bat?

There are junior bats from sizes one to six as well as Harrow, and there are senior bats, short handle and long handle. The simplest way to find out your bat size is by checking if the bat reaches your hip when placed on the ground beside your leg.

I hope this cricket bat buying guide helps you understand the technicalities involved in picking the perfect bat.

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