About Me

I started writing this blog when I was nine years old mostly as a way to expend the energy I used memorising Marvel trivia.

My family didn’t seem too excited by my Marvel mania and I hoped that by putting my random musings into words I might be able to reach out to other Marvel fans like myself.

As time went by, academics and after school activities took precedence, my writing/drawing came to a halt and my superhero obsession waned.

Over the past three years I have spent much of my time playing cricket and fine tuning my guitar skills. Dinner table conversations at home are often about sports because most of my family enjoy watching sports and listening to music.

Quite naturally, my interests started shifting. I enjoy watching cricket, basketball, combat sports and motorsport and I follow the NBA quite closely. When not practicing or following sports I can be found playing my guitar or watching performances of famous guitarists on YouTube.

I still enjoy Marvel movies, but I am now more enthralled by real life superheroes. So this blog will henceforth be a collection of my thoughts on all things sports and music. I hope you will find it just as marvelous.

Happy browsing, Ishan Gopinath

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